Non-Fungible Players


Buy. Train. Play. Sell.

In Ephere, football players are non-fungible, transferable, and scarce digital assets stored in an Ethereum smart contract implementing the ERC-721 standard.

They have mental and physical attributes, trainable football skills that are capped by genetic and distinctive visual properties, some of which can be changed by their owner. Players gain experience by playing matches, and they can also get tired, injured, grow old and retire—they’re alive. Males, females, and non-binary genders from all different species (not all the players are humans) can play together.

They are scarce NFTs that can hold value, which means you can buy, collect, lend, and sell them anytime you like.



Players will exists at any moment in time

The game



Ephere's topmost layer is a football management simulation game wherein you can use NFPs to compete against other humans and earn PEH cryptocurrency.

The game consists on managing your own football team, which includes hiring players (NFPs), setting the team's lineup and in-match strategy, and managing its infrastructure (training facilities, stadium, etc).

Teams can participate on matches, leagues, and tournaments organized by Ephere to win PEH.

PEH: the in-game cryptocurrency

Ephere has been created with an economy in mind that is designed to reward users for their skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. This new model of gaming --popularized by Axie Inifinity-- has been called "play to earn".

The economy is built around an ERC-20 token called PEH stored in an Ethereum smart contract. PEH holders will be able to play the game, earn yield if they stake their tokens, and eventually participate in the governance of the ecosystem. Users will also be able to earn PEH by winning competitions or lending their NFPs to other users.

Ephere's tokenomics

2021 - Ephere